Please Read Carefully



All retainer fess are non-refundable. If session needs to be canceled due to family emergency, illness , or death in family etc. Please allow  a 48 hour notice to reschedule  your session at a later date .



It is imperative that you arrive at your session on time  and ready to go including hair  and make-up  to take advantage of the allotted time that has been schedule for your session.  A grace period of 15 minutes will be given for each session. After  15 minutes there will be a $25  due at that time. In the event a client is more than 35 minutes late, session maybe canceled  due to other appointments  and loss of light.



Photo sessions are limited to those who are being photographed during that time along with no more than two adults  if children are being photographed.



We edit every image with  basic edits to include color correction, apply cropping and straightening to images that may need them and sealed with  Tanya Hearn Photography  finish.


We also offer extensive retouching such as tattoo, glass glare and braces removal at an additional cost .



Tanya Hearn Photography  retains copyright of all images provided - print or digital. Images provided to client may not be reproduced in any way, unless indicated by a print release. Images provided by Tanya Hearn Photography  may not be cropped or altered in any way.


Photo Credit: 

Please use Tanya Hearn Photography  as credit for images. If use on Facebook or Instagram, add photo by Tanya Hearn Photography as the caption and it should link to business page or link website www.tanyahearn.com.